Episode 003 - Coaching in Conflicts with Carrie Gallant

Together we explore Conflict Coaching, the ways in which it can be used and how peacemakers may think about experimenting with it in their own contexts.

Carrie recommended two books for those interested in beginning to explore Conflict Coaching further.

Conflict Management Coaching by Cinnie Noble

Conflict Coaching by Tricia Jones and Ross Brinckert

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Carrie Gallant

Carrie is a leadership coach certified in Conversational Intelligence®, mediator and negotiation strategist.

Carrie’s expertise in negotiation, conflict management and career counselling provide a rich foundation to her passion for helping others uncover what really matters and solve problems creatively.

Carrie has held a number of leadership positions including Co-Director of Career Services at the University of British Columbia Faculty of Law; Director of the Centre for Conflict Resolution at the Justice Institute of BC; Director of the University of Windsor Mediation Service; and Chief Legal Counsel to the Ontario Pay Equity Commission.

As a Negotiation Consultant with ENS International her clients include Rio Tinto, Fletcher Building (New Zealand), Amcor PET, Oliver Products, Bayer Pharma, Boehringer Pharmaceuticals and Rogers Communications.

She serves as a Futurpreneur mentor.

Find Carrie on the web at www.gallantsolutionsinc.com

or @gallantleader    or on LinkedIn