Episode 004 - Narrative Mediation with Gerald Monk - Part 1


Part 1 of a two part conversation digging into some of the ideas and techniques of narrative mediation.

Its tuning into really small illustrations of noticing - Gerald Monk

Gerald Monk, PhD

Dr. Gerald Monk is a Professor in the Department of Counselling and School Psychology at San Diego State University and teaches in the Marriage and Family Therapy Program. Gerald is a practising Marriage and Family Therapist in California and a mediator and trainer in collaborative divorce practices and mediation in health care. Gerald worked as a psychologist and counsellor educator in New Zealand for fifteen years prior to moving to the United States in 2000.

Gerald is involved in a range of professional domains using conflict resolution and mediation approaches. Specifically, he is a consultant to a large health-care system, a collaborative divorce specialist with Collaborative Family Law Group in San Diego, and he teaches a range of conflict resolution and counselling courses at SDSU

 You can find him on line here

Or at www.mediate.com