What else is possible?

This short bonus episode features our chat with Evelyn Zellerer at the ADRBC 2018 Symposium. We explore the relationship between mediation and restorative justice. This feels like the beginning of a conversation. If you would like us to continue it let us know @overconflict

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Dr. Evelyn Zellerer

Evelyn is an internationally acclaimed facilitator, trainer and speaker with a specialization in peacemaking, restorative justice, and conscious governance. She is the founder of Peace of the Circle, an international organization working with government, justice agencies, businesses, not-for-profits, schools and communities.

Over the past 25 years, she has taught and led projects in diverse cultural contexts, including the Arctic, Australia, Brazil, Caribbean, Iran, Kazakhstan, South Africa, UK, and USA. Evelyn has presented at many national and international venues, including the United Nations.

She earned her Ph.D. in Criminology from Simon Fraser University (1996). 

You can find out more about Evelyn Zellerer at Peace of the Circle or @RJcircles