Episode 34 - Indigenous Law with Val Napoleon

Join us this week as we explore the concepts of Indigenous Law in Canada. Val takes us through the role of stories in rebuilding the body of Indigenous Law, the importance of laws for indigenous communities and how being a multijurisdictional country can work.

"They need to consider and conceptualize Indigenous Law as law. And when they have questions about Indigenous Law, it would be helpful to ask themselves if they would ask that same question of Canadian Law. And if not, why not?"

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Val Napoleon

Val Napoleon is the Law Foundation Professor of Aboriginal Justice and Governance. She is from northeast British Columbia (Treaty 8) and is a member of Saulteau First Nation. She is an adopted member of the Gitanyow (Gitksan) House of Luuxhon, Ganada (Frog) Clan. Prior to joining the Faculty of Law at UVic in 2012, she was cross-appointed with the faculties of Native Studies and Law at the University of Alberta.

Her current research focuses on Indigenous legal traditions (Indigenous legal theories, pedagogies, law and precedent, legal institutions, and legal research methodologies), Indigenous feminism, citizenship, self-determination, and governance. Some of her major initiatives include the JD/JID (joint JD and Indigenous law degree) program, establishing the Indigenous Law Research Unit with a number of research partnerships with Indigenous communities and groups in BC, across Canada, and with international connections.

She has taught and published on aboriginal legal issues, Indigenous law and legal theories, Indigenous feminisms, governance, critical restorative justice, oral traditions, and Indigenous legal research methodologies. She also teachesproperty law.

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