Episode 33 - Civility with Rhea Settles

In this episode we explore the concept of Civility with Rhea Settles and the work she has done as an educator and mediator to transform workplaces. Rhea is the originator of Civility Mediation and Facilitation. We explore civility, bullying and oppression. What would it take for people to willfully share the space?

Civility: Being mindful of what you do, what you say, write and make decisions in an effort to cause no harm.


Robert Fuller

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James Comey


The Sneetches

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You can find Rhea Settles online @thecivilityzone or www.thecivilityzone.com

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Rhea Settles

In 2003, Rhea Settles founded The Civility Zone®, a preventive, proactive and transformative education agency focused on teaching Mindful Civility®, coaching how to practice Mindful Civility, and offering civility mediation services. Rhea Settles is a mediator for the Bar Association of San Francisco and the Conflict Intervention Service mediating cases in the San Francisco Unified School District and housing disputes in San Francisco, and has mediated civil disputes in California courts.

You can find her online @thecivilityzone or www.thecivilityzone.com