Episode 001 - Hosting the Party and Managing the Meeting with Wendy Lakusta

Welcome to our first episode!  We are really excited to be able to share this conversation with Wendy Lakusta with you.  

Together we explore a framework for the role of the mediator: as party host and meeting manager.

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Wendy Lakusta

Wendy Lakusta began her mediation career as a family mediator for the BC Provincial Court in 1997.  In 1998 her practice expanded to include mediating and mentoring small claims.  Since that time she has mediated a vast range of issues including (but definitely not limited to!) construction, debt, employment and workplace, insurance and personal injury, strata, corporate, and community disputes.

She has a broad background in social services including working with youth, families and persons with disabilities, and has been providing Child Protection Mediation services since 2003. She has developed, facilitated and provided coaching services for many conflict resolution and mediation training programs for government agencies and the private sector.

Connect with her @Wendlak or wendy.lakusta@shaw.ca