Episode 10 - Learning from the Stage with Sharon Sutherland

We explore what we can learn by attending the theatre.


Love is a Battlefield

Martin Dockery

Vanessa Quesnell

The Girl Who was Raised by Wolverine

Face-to-Face by David Williamson

New York Peace Institute

Tonya Joan Miller - The Story of Os

The New Conformity - Story through juggling

Edinburough Fringe 70th Anniversary

Sharon's Guide to the Vancouver Fringe for Conflict Professionals will be out soon.  We'll link it here and share in on facebook and twitter

Are you excited about an upcoming show?  Think it might have some peacemaking take-aways?  Tell us about it @overconflict

Sharon Sutherland

Sharon is a mediator and mediation consultant, with expertise in conflict resolution training and program design. With her background in practicum design and management, Sharon has developed a special interest in mediation mentorship. She has been a mediation mentor in a variety of programs (Small Claims, Child Protection, community mediation) since 1997.

Sharon received her LL.M. in ADR from Osgoode Hall Law School, M.A. in Drama and Theatre Studies from the University of London, and completed all work but her thesis towards a Ph.D. in Drama from the University of Toronto.  This theatrical background continues to inform her teaching and practice. 

She is on the board of directors for the Vancouver Fringe Festival.

Sharon is in a variety of interesting and innovative projects.  She a co-founder and designer atPignPotato Games, a collaborative game design collective.

Sharon Sutherland can be found online at True North Dispute Resolution or @ssuth