Episode 006 - Giving Feedback with Julie Daum

Kari Boyle's 7 Criteria for Effective Feedback

  1. The feedback provider is credible in the eyes of the recipient
  2. The feedback provider is trusted by the recipient
  3. The feedback is conveyed with good intentions
  4. The timing and circumstances of giving the feedback are appropriate
  5. The feedback is given in an interactive manner
  6. The feedback message is clear
  7. The feedback is helpful to the recipient

Jan Arden

Words Matter:  Managing Ourselves When Giving or Receiving Feedback with Julie Daum and Kari Boyle. CoRe Speaker Series October 2016    Video     

Julie Daum

Julie is a Child Protection Roster mediator, facilitator, conflict resolution coach and instructor from Fraser Lake. 

Julie is interested in cultures of all kinds and has presented at conferences on the subject. She facilitates workshops on developing culturally appropriate practices for working with First Nations families and communities.

Julie is a member of the Wet’suwet’en First Nation in the Burns Lake area and belongs to the Frog Clan of the Wet’suwet’en. Her family comes from the Southside of Francois Lake, but she has been living on her husband’s home reserve, Stellaquo for the past 20 years, where they have been raising their 5 children. 

Find Julie Daum online here or @joolzdaum