Episode 35 - Getting to Better Questions with Cinnie Noble

This week we are excited to have Cinnie Noble back to continue our exploration of questions. How do you know if you've asked a good question? What is the purpose of a question? How do you use time to increase the power of your questions? How do you handle having asked a bad question? Thie episode will definitely leave you Overthinking all of your questions!

Cinnie's Daily Questions can be found on Twitter @conflictmastery

Cinnie's Book Conflict Master: Questions to Guide you

What do you want to be most prepared for? 

What could they do to trigger you?

What do you want to do differently?

What have I not asked?

Have you heard any great questions recently? Let us know @overconflict Talk Soon!


Cinnie Noble

Cinnie Noble is a certified mediator and coach and former lawyer. A pioneer of the process known as conflict management coaching (or conflict coaching), Cinnie created the CINERGY® model in 1999 after considerable experiential research. Cinnie is a Member of the Order of Canada and in 2017 received the Award of Excellence in Alternative Dispute Resolution from the Ontario Bar Association. Cinnie is author of Conflict Mastery: Questions to Guide You  and Conflict Management Coaching: The CINERGY Model .

You can find Cinnie online www.cinergycoaching.com;

Or on Twitter: @conflictmastery and @cinergycoaching;