Episode 28 - Spotlight on Boundaries with Lorraine Segal

This week we are joined by Lorraine Segal to explore boundaries. This is part 4 of our series designed to Reinvigorate some of our core Conflict Resolution skills. In this episode we try to answer these 2 big questions. How do I figure out what my boundaries should be? and What do I do when boundaries are violated?

Adam Kahane - If you aren't part of the problem, you can't be part of the solution

The Long Path to Immediate Forgiveness - Blog Post by Lorraine

Stand Up, Speak Out, against workplace bullying

Workplace Bullying Institute

Our challenge for you is to actively focus on boundary setting this week. We will be posting articles and reflective questions on facebook and twitter. Let us know how you are doing @overconflict

Talk soon!

Lorraine Segal

Lorraine Segal was a tenured community college professor and middle manager for many years before she found her true passion for helping people in organizations and corporations communicate better, resolve conflicts, let go of resentments, and deal with bullying. The goal: to create a more harmonious and productive workplace. About her work, Lorraine says, “I bring communication expertise, creative problem-solving, a compassionate heart and spiritual connection to shine a healing light on problems at work.”
Through her business, Conflict Remedy, Lorraine creates customized training and coaching programs for non profit organizations, corporations, and government agencies. She also teaches these skills at Sonoma State University and writes a blog and enewsletter. Lorraine also works as a contractor for the Department of the Interior. She has been quoted by the Huffington Post and interviewed by NPR. She is a contributing author to the new book, Stand Up, Speak Out Against Workplace Bullying. She has a certificate in Conflict Resolution from Sonoma State University and is certified as a conflict management coach through Cinergy. Contact Lorraine at https://ConflictRemedy.com for more information, to request a free consultation for you and your organization or sign up for her enewsletter.