Episode 25 - Spotlight on Paraphrasing with Luke Wiesner

Welcome to the first episode in our 6 week series designed to reinvigorate some of our core conflict resolution skills.

This week we are joined by Luke Wiesner from the Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center to explore the power of Paraphrasing, find ways to practice in everyday life and gain greater insight into its use.

Our #Foundations18 challenge for you is to actively focus on Paraphrasing this week. We will be posting articles each morning and reflective questions each evening on facebook and twitter. Let us know how you are doing @overconflict 


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Prefrontal Cortex

Motivational Interviewing

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Luke Wiesner

After receiving his BA in Psychology from Western Washington University in 2012, Luke started working at the Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center to begin his work in the field of conflict resolution.  The Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center is a non-profit with a mission to provide conflict intervention and education services throughout Whatcom County in Washington State.  Luke serves as the Program Manager at the Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center, where he provides conflict and communication training services to community members and workplaces, is responsible for the training and development of mediators at the Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center, and is responsible for the development of mediation programs.

Luke is a certified mediator under Resolution Washington and the Washington Mediation Association and provides conflict resolution services to community members, small claims disputants, parents and teens, and workplaces. He was recognized by the Washington Mediation Association as an award recipient in 2017 for his work in the field.  He is also in the process of completing his MS in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution at Creighton University