Episode 14 - Voice of a Child with Bobbi Poushinsky

Hear the Child Society

Bobbi is headed to Calgary for the national Symposium on Children's Legal Representation: Children's Participation in Justice processes

How are you bringing the voices of children into your conflict resolution processes? Tell us @overconflict


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Bobbi Poushinsky

Bobbi Poushinsky is a mediator with over 20 years of experience in a wide range of contexts.  She currently provides child protection mediation services in Victoria, BC.

Bobbi is mostly retired from family mediation and directs her passions to advocating for children's voices in conflict processes that impact them.  

She prepares ‘Hear the Child Reports’ for parents/guardians and the court. A ‘Hear the Child Report’ is a verbatim, non-evaluative report that expresses the views of children and youth on issues related to family transition or breakdown for the purpose of having the views of children and youth considered when decisions are made about their best interest.

You can find Bobbi online here