Add your voice to Overthinking Conflict's episode on Happiness!

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Over the holidays C.D. and I read Happiness by Aminatta Forna as part of CoRe Reads. We will be sitting down to record our thoughts and would love to hear some of yours too. Which dimensions of conflict really spoke to you? Which held your attention? How did perspective shape the conflicts?

Send us a recording that is 2 minutes or less about something that you found really interesting, made you think or gave you a new perspective!

Email your recording to by February 6, 2019

Not sure how to record your thoughts. Most phones have a voice memo function that can be used to record and share audio. Here is a step-by-step guide to voice memos for iPhone
Personally I use Voice Record Pro when I need to send sound bytes (iPhone only) and I have heard great things about Easy Voice Recorder (Android only)

Quick Tips for better recording quality

  • Find a quiet spot (closets work really well)

  • Hold the microphone about 6-10 cm away from your mouth

  • Use headphones

  • Compose your thoughts

  • Have fun, it doesn't have to be perfect!!