We are ConRes Geeks and podcast fans. After lamenting one-too-many-times of how few podcasts explore the fascinating corners of peacemaking, we decided we would have to make one of our own. As you may already be able to tell we love new ideas and interesting projects.

Our goals are to have interesting conversations, delve into the hard edges of conflict resolution and support developing practitioners like ourselves. Episodes are being released weekly. We hope you will join us!


Amanda Semenoff

Amanda is a civil mediator, facilitator and conflict resolution consultant in New Westminster, BC. She works with start-ups, entrepreneurs and tech companies to pre-wire them to thrive through conflict and change. She helps academics, project teams, sports organisations and community groups manage conflict for increased effectiveness. 

Amanda is an active member of PignPotato Games. A collection of mediators, lawyers and creatives designing collaborative games to further dispute resolution, teach teamwork skills and change the dynamics of family game night. 

Amanda has a background in emergency services and communications, BA(Economics) from UBC and ConRes Cert(Mediation) from the Justice Institute of BC. She has 2 kids, a dog and coaches hockey in her spare time.

Find her @mindfulconres or at  Mindful Resolution

C.D. Saint

C.D. Saint is a mediator, facilitator and restorative justice practitioner in the greater Victoria area. He works primarily with neighbours, non-profits and arts organizations with preventative and restorative conflict resolution.

He volunteers as Co-Chair for CLEBC’s annual Conflict Resolution Conference and as a director with CoRe Conflict Resolution Society working with their New Mediator Group and developing their sliding-scale and flat-fee mediation clinic. He was a lead restorative justice facilitator with the North Shore Restorative Justice Society before moving to Victoria.

C.D. studied Conflict Resolution at the European University Centre for Peace Studies (EPU) in Austria, project management at the University of British Columbia, Music Pedagogy (Kodàly Institute) in Hungary and holds a BA (Music & Canadian Studies) from the University of Alberta.

Find him @theidlesaint or at Parley Dialogue & Mediation.

Thank You

We have be humbled and surprised by the excitement and support we have received in this endeavour from many people. While we cannot list them all here, a few deserve an extra mention.

Belle Ancell - photography

Kristopher Fulton - original music

Jay Lyonns - original artwork

Sharon Sutherland - mentorship and introduced us to each other